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Crazy Ass What Now?

3rd August, 2007. 12:20 am. Really Awesome Music I've Discovered This Summer

So I have been spending a lot of hours this summer going to the music libraries at the two schools I have been studying at and listening to various things, and have been trying to expose myself to things I wouldn't normally perform, or be unable to... here's some of my favorites that I've come across (yes, I'm still in this Champaign shithole, so I'm rul bored.)

Adams - Harmonielehre
Adés - Asyla
Babbit - All Set
Berio - Sinfonia
Beethoven - Op. 132 String Quartet, mvt. III
Brahms - Op. 111 String Quintet
Cage - String Quartet in Four Parts
Crumb - Black Angels
Lindberg - Clarinet Quintet
Ligeti - Piano Etudes
Messiaen - Chronochromie
Murail - L'espirt des dunes
Schmidt - 3rd and 4th symphonies
Schubert - D. 959 and 960 Piano Sonatas
Stockhausen - Kreuzspiel

If you haven't heard these, you should take a gander.

Going through all this music really excites me in the fact that I have SO much more music to discover, and with many of these guys still alive, more is to come. The fact that for the rest of my life there will always be more pieces out there for me to connect with is the most exciting feeling in the world, I just can't even tell you.

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28th July, 2007. 5:59 pm. An Entry!?

I think it's been something like six months? Does anyone even remember that I have a LiveJournal? I can't believe I used to write every day for three years, or that I have been doing this for a total of six.

Very fast recap of my life. Grad School auditions were one of the most stressful and horrible experiences of my life. Combining that with a failed relationship that really took its toll on me, and being force to drop the last class I needed to graduate from Oberlin, one might say I had a horrible semester. And I did. Probably my worst. I gave a senior recital that was not nearly close to the level it should have been. I was constantly depressed, and wasn't feeling the love for the music anymore.

Everything sort of worked itself out though. I am now best friends with the ex (we from from being boyfriends to being girlfriends...), while not graduating really sucked, I will be finished with everything come Thursday. I am feeling reinvigorated about music, and I am going to start my MM at USC in August, where I will be studying with probably the best and most sought after clarinet teacher in the country. Ironically, I didn't even audition at the school, I just sent a recording of my concerto performance with a few other things because I wasn't able to audition there in person, and I got in without really expecting to.

This summer I did the Colorado College Summer Music Festival, and I really have to say it was the most amazing musical experience of my life. There were only 45 other students there, but they all were amazing musicians, and more importantly, they really played with soul, which was something I thought was dead. While our orchestra performances may not have been the cleanest, there was youthful energy and beautiful gestures that really created something special. There were some incredible faculty performances, and the chamber music coachings I had (I played the Brahms op. 114 trio) were absolutely the most inspiring and insightful ones I have ever had. In the short month I was there, i fundamentally changed how I hear music, and it has become ever more beautiful now. Of course, the people were fun and wonderful as they always are at summer festivals.

After that, I came to where I am now. I am taking an absolute shit show of a music theory course at the University of Illinois. I cannot even begin to tell you how much I fucking hate it here. I have yet to meet a single person who is fun to be around and intelligent, or anything really I find endearing. All those state school stereotypes are true, everyone is completely vapid, unintelligent, and midwestern. I'm sure the people during the school year are somewhat better, but I have never been in a place that is so completely devoid of any culture whatsoever. Everyone does the same thing every night with the same ten people, no one cares about their field of study, or has anything interesting to say. They all drink Busch Light or Keystone, Bud Light if they are feeling a little classier. A cultural event for them is a Dave Matthews Band concert which they will be too drunk throughout to remember (how are they even allowed to be still around, aren't they all like 50 now? How come no one realizes that they actually have no talent?).

Oh yeah, the class is me and 15 band directors, and I suspect the curriculum has been dumbed down for them, seeing as all the reading comes from wikipedia, and all we do in class is watch YouTube videos. They all HAVE to provide anecdotes about marching band camp or things they tell their students, which really doesn't make any sense because the class is devoted to post WWII post-tonal music. I have been exposed to some really cool pieces though, and the simplicity of the class and the horrendousness of Champaign-Urbana, Illinois has allowed me to get a lot of practicing done, so my time here has been by no means a waste.

I'm going to NYC August 11th-14th to see all my Oberlin friends that I miss dearly that have moved there (and Rachel!!!!!!!), and then the next day I move to LA. It's been a ridiculous six months, but I think I've gotten a lot out of it...

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24th January, 2007. 7:10 pm.

For those of you in the New York area...

Friday night at 8, the Oberlin Orchestra lead by Robert Spano is playing a concert in Carnegie Hall. The program includes Higdon's blue cathedral, Mozart Piano Concerto no. 25, and Bartók's Concerto for Orchestra. It should turn out to be a pretty good concert, so it would be great if you came to hear us. I have three extra tickets if anyone wants them.

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2nd January, 2007. 8:12 pm. Campy New Year's Entry.

Liz's recital and continuation of our adventures, Brewster's, re-discovering non-classical music, Lost, 137 Elm street, hide the poo, our broken toilet, the aquapet, endless inside jokes with Rachel, Liquid Ebony, New York, Crown of Love, Megan's Barber, searching for Chiquiqua, witnessing the vast repertoire of sexual positions of my roommate, being continuously stoned with Rachel over commencement week, Aspen, Holland House, THC's Ravel, Power Hours in room 37, Hating McStorlie's yet spending every night there, 7:30, Kenichi, incredible concerts, Nickle Creek at Snowmass, my Copland, Deutsch, Elliott, 66 Naughty Pleasantries, cigarettes on my roof, endless gin and tonics, Staying up until 6 am with Clayton, Monika, Vonder and Max, Great Conversations, Great Friends and Great Music.

2006 was amazing.

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15th October, 2006. 2:00 am. Fun Things!!!

While I wait for yet another episode of Six Feet Under to download off of Direct Connect, I must state that I am excited for these things this week:

- Road trip in small car with four other people. I'm going to force them to listen to Britney Spears THE WHOLE WAY.

- NYC Oberlin reunion for two days.

- Project Runway finale with Liz!!! Yay!

- Chicago! Mahler 3!!! Shosty 10!!! Family!

But I am going to miss my kitty so god damn much. He was a turd today and farted in my face. I still love him though.

I feel like I should address the person who I download all the porn from on Direct Connect, because I know who it is, but I think it might be awkward because this person has more porn than could fit on my entire hard drive.

I don't want to come back to school, because that means I have to start doing things again. Things suck.

Current mood: working.

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10th October, 2006. 1:40 am. I'm not dead!

I'm not sure where to start, but Senior year has been a really awesome experience so far.

- House is amazing, roommates are amazing. we have a kitty, Elliott, who is currently sleeping and purring on my lap. I'm sort of obsessed and have turned into a crazy cat lady. Check out my album solely devoted to him on Facebook.

- Classes are good, but I don't do any work for them, and it's biting me in the ass. I probably could be learning a lot more than I am. I'm getting my ass ripped apart so so so so badly in conducting. I'm easily struggling the most in my class, which is really difficult for me to grapple with. I probably have the most natural talent and musical aptitude, but the least awareness of myself and ability to improve, so the class is sort of just flying ahead of me. It's really frustrating. And I just suck at German and am too lazy to work harder. Dammit.

- Clarinet has been really good. I spent the latter part of Aspen and the first month of school on the Copland Concerto, and Saturday, I became the first wind player to win the concerto competition in 20 years (apparently the last to win was Alex Klein). It was a pretty amazing experience. I'm playing with the Orchestra in December! My chamber group is really, really good too. Really good, musical players, and we get along really well.

- I played The Mexican Hat Dance in orchestra.

- I just decided today that I'm going to NYC for fall break with the rest of Oberlin.

- God Dammit I want to go to USC really badly for grad school! Yale, MSM, and CIM are up there too. I wish I could play the god damn Mozart so I could get into all of these places.

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26th August, 2006. 3:25 am.

I also forgot to mention that today at the doctor's office I had to put a cup of pee in what was labeled the "revolving urine depository." Cup goes in, door spins, urine goes to other side, which is a lab of someone who looks at other people's pee all day. I bet this person really hates their job. I really hope this house I am moving into has a revolving pee depository. It could be used for snacks.

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25th August, 2006. 2:02 pm. How I Spent My Summer Vacation

I have just converted to boxer briefs, after ten years of boxers. I think I made a good decision.

Aspen was wonderful. I met Brad Pitt circa Legends of the Fall, except with a voice like a slovak Michael Jackson. I also touched Yo-Yo Ma and Martha Stewart. Jane Eaglen likes stage diving and cookies. I also met Marvin the Martian and the AOL movie phone dude.

Since being home, I have further explored my hate for Vincent Libretti, and although the wrath and poor taste of Nina Garcia initially tainted my viewing of "Snakes on a Plane," I decided that it was in the end pure gold. And the song at the end ties everything up perfectly. I think I will play it on my senior recital. Liz and I also went on a failed excursion to get her didgeridoo repaired. They told us to go to the renaissance fair.

All in all, despite the bunglings of Vincent, this has probs been the best summer ever!!1

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16th July, 2006. 8:03 pm.

Holy hell, Martha Stewart came to the festival orchestra concert tonight, and I touched her, and omg omg omg. I don't care that the concert was bad because I brushed up against Martha and she stared at me and checked out tina's bf. HOLY HELL.

I have an audition tomorrow on 36 excerpts. piss. after touching both martha and yo-yo ma this summer though, I guess I can die happy, so i don't care about the audition really anymore.

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11th July, 2006. 2:07 am. Boring Music Speak

So I have this audition on Monday where I have to play 30 excerpts, and I basically want to quit the clarinet, or perhaps travel back to the days of Alberto Ginastera and kill him so he didn't write his stupid variations. There was also one excerpt on the list that I didn't know, and I still haven't gotten around to learning it. If they ask for it, I think I will just slip a note under the curtain that says "no thank you."

I played Mahler 1 the other day. It was amazing, despite a few spicy moments I had. Whatever, bad pitch is the spice of life.

I am taking a new world sub list audition tomorrow, and I still don't really know what I am playing on it. Bad life choices.

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